Advance Care Planning

As a capable adult, you have many rights when you receive health care.  You have the right to be told about your medical choices and their benefits and risks.  You also have the right to accept or refuse these choices.  Whatever you decide, it is important to talk about your decisions with your physician, other health professionals and those close to you.  You also may put your plans for future medical care in writing in case you become unable to make your own decisions.

Advance care planning is a process for you to understand possible future health choices; reflect on those choices in light of the values and goals important to you; discuss your choices with those close to you and the health professionals who care for you; and make a plan for future health care situations.

Start Planning Now:

This process may only take a short period of time or it may take many months.  What is most important is that you begin now and take the time you need to understand, reflect, discuss and make a plan that will work fest for you and those closest to you.

Advance Directives:

Advance directive is the plan you make for future health care.  In this plan, you may simply provide instructions about the choices you would prefer for future healthcare, or you may appoint another person or persons to make your health care decisions if you were unable to make them yourself.

Your advance directive may be a formal, legal document, or you may choose to communicate your choices more informally in a letter or by having a conversation.  In many circumstances, a formal legal document that clearly reflects your goals and values may be the best way to ensure that your choices can be followed.

Everyone has the right to ensure their medical wishes are carried out.  Advance Care Planning occurs before a serious illness or injury occurs.  In Wisconsin, you may write a Living Will and Power of Attorney to specify the type and extent of medical care you want to receive at any time in your life.  However, at WRMC we recommend that you participate in a guided conversation with one of our healthcare Advance Care Planning Facilitators.  Our facilitators are certified by the Honoring Choices Wisconsin program. 

To make an appointment please call our Advance Care Planning phone number at 920.262.4298. A facilitator will call you back to schedule a guided conversation.  Appointments may occur in your home, at the hospital or at number of other locations to better accommodate you and your health care agent.

Our preference is for you to complete your Advance Care Planning form with a trained facilitator, however you may fill them out and file them directly with your physician, WRMC or at a safe place at home where loved ones know how to access. 

Click Here for Advance Care Planning Form