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Medical Staff

Hospital Affiliation Requests

In response to your request to verify affiliation for the provider applying at your facility, please be aware that Watertown Regional Medical Center utilizes NAMSS PASSTM for verification letter requests.  NAMSS PASS (Practitioner Affiliation Sharing Source) is a secure, online database that provides quick, easy, and inexpensive access to the affiliation letters of our practitioners.  NAMSS PASS™ is a service offered by the National Association Medical Staff Services (NAMSS).

To access NAMSS PASS, click here:


If no letter is available for the practitioner you are verifying, please contact our office directly.

Katie Dawiedczyk, Medical Staff Services Manager
Phone: 920-262-4495


If you would like to request an application for privileges, please contact Katie Dawiedczyk at 920-262-4495.

The application process can take anywhere from 30-90 days. The speed of the process depends upon the completeness of the information submitted by the applicant, the response time of references and the timing of the Credentials Committee, Medical Executive Committee and Board of Trustee meetings once the application is complete.

Our Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules & Regulations are available to you here:

WRMC Medical Staff Bylaws