Confidence and options for nursing moms

Breast milk is best for babies. Not only does it provide nutrition for your baby, but it is packed with disease fighting substances that protect your baby from illness. Studies have shown that stomach viruses, respiratory illnesses and ear infections occur less often or are less severe when baby is breastfed. In addition to fighting disease, studies have shown that breastfeeding can also lower the risk of childhood obesity, diabetes, asthma, allergies and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Breastfeeding has benefits for mom too. Research shows that it reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer as well as heart disease and Type 2 Diabetes. It is also a great way to bond with your newborn.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding exclusively for the first six months. Solid foods should be introduced at six months along with breastfeeding.

Watertown Regional Medical Center encourages breastfeeding for all new mothers. We offer a variety of services to offer support to each and every new mom and baby. You don’t have to deliver at WRMC to take advantage of these services! A Certified Lactation Specialist is available before and after your baby is born. 

Our specialists provide a variety of services including:

  •  Visits throughout your hospital stay after your baby is born
  • ŒŒ Scheduled appointments for questions and help with techniques
  • ŒŒ 24-hour telephone assistance for questions or concerns
  • ŒŒ Breastfeeding classes
  • ŒŒ Breastfeeding supplies and rental equipment

Breastfeeding Educational Resources:

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Breastfeeding Support Group
Healthy Lactation Cookies
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For more information or to schedule an appointment with a Certified Lactation Specialist, please call (920) 390-7280.