Driving Skills Assessment

Concerned about Someone’s Driving?

As we age our driving skills change. The thought of giving up driving can be very difficult. Driving means mobility and independence. The best way to know if someone is safe to drive is to have a fair and accurate driving assessment.

The DriveABLE Cognitive Assessment Tool takes 30 – 40 minutes to complete and measures attention, judgment, decision-making and memory.

We are the first hospital in southern Wisconsin to use the driving test.

Watch for the following red flags and warning signs with a driver in your life:

• Accidents, tickets, getting lost
• Close calls, driving slowly, missing traffic signs
• Memory loss or poor judgment
• Indecisiveness or disorientation
• Loss of strength, flexibility or balance
• Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia
• Medications
• Head injury
• Heart or lung disease

DriveABLE Benefits:

• Specifically developed for drivers with medical conditions
• Based on proven research
• Valid for drivers of any age
• Protects competent drivers from being falsely identified

Talk to your loved one's physician for a referral for a driving assessment.

For more information call (920) 262-4220.