Services and Support for Seniors

Today we are living longer than ever before. And as we grow older, we handle the physical, emotional and social changes that come with aging in different ways. Some of us can remain fully independent, while others require varying degrees of help.

If you or someone you love is aging and needs help with medical or daily needs, Watertown Regional Medical Center offers a variety of innovative services to help minimize the challenges of growing older and maximize the potential for living a happy, fulfilled and independent life, including:

Senior Living - A variety of exceptional living options
Senior Behavioral Health Inpatient Care
Lifeline - Personal emergency response system
Home Delivered Meals - A hot lunch, delivered right to your door
Preferred Partners - Free health care benefits and discounts
Driving Skills Assessment - Objective driving test for attention, judgment, decision-making and memory

To learn more about our senior services, please call 920-262-4262.