Computer Assisted Navigation

On the forefront of joint replacement

When you need exact directions, nothing beats a global positioning system (GPS). At Watertown Regional Medical Center, we feel the same about computer-assisted navigation — an advanced surgical technology that is like a GPS for your body. Computer-assisted navigation allows our orthopedic surgeons to exactly align a bone with a joint implant for unparalleled precision and accuracy in joint replacement procedures.

First in the region

Our surgeons introduced computer-assisted navigation knee replacement surgery to our area. This superior technology combines precise instrumentation, digital imaging systems, and powerful information processing to allow our physicians to make more informed decisions and provide an even higher degree of surgical accuracy and control than ever before. And that means a more successful joint replacement surgery for you and a faster return to an active, pain-free life.

Better life for new joints

Better surgical precision can add years to the life of a new joint. Traditionally, the average total joint replacement implant lasts for about 20 years. With the use of computer-assisted surgical navigation, research suggests a new joint can now last far longer.

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