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For only $49, Calcium Scoring (Heart Scan) determines if you're at risk for the most common form of heart disease, which can lead to a heart attack. 

What is Calcium Scoring?

Calcium Scoring, also called a heart scan or a heart CT scan is a painless, non-invasive way of obtaining information about your coronary arteries -- the vessels that supply blood to the heart wall.

This type of scan is done via a CT scan and provides pictures of your heart's arteries (coronary arteries). This scan identifies if calcium deposits are present in your arteries and can determine if you have a higher risk of having a heart attack or other problems before you have any obvious symptoms of heart disease.

What is the Process?

Once your screening is scheduled and you arrive for your appointment, our team of professionals will take it from there. The procedure itself is a quick, pain free and easy CT exam. There are no needles, dyes, injections or exercise and you remain fully comfortable. The entire process is finished in about an hour and the actual procedure itself is only a few minutes.

Heart Check uses noninvasive techniques for doctors to look for calcium deposits in the coronary arteries that can narrow your arteries and increase your heart attack risk. Having calcium in the walls of your arteries shows that you may have coronary artery disease. The goal is to detect coronary artery disease at an early stage and determine its severity so you can decide what measures you can take to prevent an acute event.

Results will be provided by our team. Based on the amount of plaque revealed in your arteries, you will be given a Calcium Score. Your score will then be classified as having no risk, mild risk, moderate risk or high risk. In most cases, a low or moderate score will alert you to consider ways to change your diet or lifestyle. A high score might result in further testing or intervention.

Who Should Receive a Heart Scan?

A Calcium Screening/Heart Scan should be scheduled if you are at least 35 years old, are not currently being treated for heart disease, do not have a pacemaker and have at least two of these risk factors:

Risk Factors:

  • Men over 45 years of age & Women over 55
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Family history of heart disease
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Cigarette smoking
  • Overweight / obese
  • Physical inactivity

Do I need an order from my Doctor?

No. You don't need to secure a doctor's order before scheduling. We do recommend that you follow-up with your primary care doctor after receiving the results to advise them of your screening and to discuss the results. If you don't have a Primary Care Provider, you can find one here.

Does my Insurance Cover this?

The $49 test is out-of-pocket only, your insurance company will not be billed. Please discuss reimbursement options with your insurance.


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