Let's Work Together to Stay Healthy

Watertown Regional Medical Center is committed to transforming the health of our community. As the community's health leader, our role is not just to treat people when they are sick, but to help guide them to optimal health.

Our Wellness Services offer many different ways to help you feel better and live a full, more active life.

ONE Wellness Redefined 

If you're looking to live better, manage your weight, or bring more balance to your life, allow us to introduce ONE Wellness Redefined. This program represents an investment in innovative, cutting-edge wellness programming that is transforming the lives of Watertown community members. Learn more about the program here.

Get on the path to better health and wellness today with our wellness offerings:

ONE Wellness Redefined
One Flex
Fitness Services
Nutrition Services
Living Well with Diabetes

For more information about our Wellness Services, please call 920-262-4639.

The Power of One...or Two

Summer and Craig made a commitment that they were going to make a lifestyle change.  This program was about finding their way.  Along the way, they discovered so much more than they expected!