Put fitness first

Physical activity helps you look and feel better. Your weight, muscle tone, flexibility, skin, hair and posture all improve with regular exercise. You feel stronger and have more energy. Regular exercise reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and other diseases. And it helps you stay mentally alert and combat stress and depression.

Experts say just 30 minutes of activity on most days will help you stay healthier. Now adding exercise into your life is easier than you think.  Watertown Regional Medical Center offers a variety of fitness options including:

ONE Wellness Redefined

ONE Wellness Redefined offers a unique roadmap to success. It’s a year-long journey that brings the experts to you. You’ll develop personal relationships with our Medical Director, a physician specializing in Integrative Medicine; with fitness and nutrition specialists; and with a caring, supportive wellness coach. ONE Wellness has been specially designed for “real people” with busy lives and unique health challenges. You don’t have to be fit to join. In fact, our program’s biggest success stories started their journey with major health issues. 

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ONE Flex

ONE Flex fits your goals and your busy lifestyle. Commit to your health and wellness without giving up flexibility. You create your own path, choosing a specific wellness goal or focusing on all wellness aspects. Use as many of the tools as you like and ad additional programs and services as needed (many at a discount). There is no enrollment fee, and the month-to-month contract is open-ended.

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Medical Fitness

If you have a medical concern such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension or cardiovascular disease, our medical fitness program is right for you. In this unique, group-based exercise program, you meet with an exercise physiologist to determine your current fitness level, and we develop a personalized fitness plan just for you.  Our trained staff works with you to ensure your new exercise program is safe and effective for you. To participate, approval from your physician is required. WRMC Associates, Preferred Partners and couples should inquire about discounts on Medical Fitness memberships. ONE Flex members receive a 20% discount.

Get on the path to better health and wellness today with our wellness offerings:

ONE Wellness Redefined
One Flex
Fitness Services
Nutrition Services
Living Well with Diabetes

To learn more or sign up for any of these programs, call Wellness Works at 920-262-4639.