Cardiac Rehabilitation

A smoother road to recovery

If you’ve had a heart attack, heart surgery or have heart disease, cardiac rehabilitation can help get you back to the life you love. This medically supervised, outpatient exercise and education program is designed to improve your quality of life and is recommended by both the American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology.
At Watertown Regional Medical Center, our cardiac rehabilitation program is individually designed to help you regain your strength, prevent your condition from worsening, and reduce your risk of future heart problems. It also a nationally certified program by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilition (AACVPR). Our personalized plan includes:

• Monitored exercise and activity prescriptions 
• Dietary assessment and counseling
• Emotional assessment and counseling
• Education and resources

A rehabilitation program designed for you

Working with your cardiologist, primary care physician, or cardiac surgeon every step of the way, our cardiac rehabilitation specialists develop a comprehensive, phased program tailored to your individual needs. Over the long-term, you gain strength, learn heart-healthy behaviors, improve your diet, eliminate poor choices and learn to live better with heart disease.

Patient Success Stories

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