Watertown Regional Medical Center Target for Caller ID Spoof

December 15, 2017

Watertown Regional Medical Center (WRMC) recently learned that their phone number(s) may have been used as part of a fraudulent practice known as caller ID spoofing. Caller ID spoofing is the act of causing a telephone call to appear to be coming from a number that is not the true number – usually with the intent to deceive the recipient about the caller’s true identity.

After receiving these “spoofed” automated calls, which did not originate from WRMC, individuals have reported being addressed by their name and asking to verify personal information.

It may not be apparent right away that the call is “spoofed.”  Be careful about providing ANY personal information over the phone.  WRMC contacts its patients by phone, direct mail, or through its secure patient portal, MyHealth. Any voice messages from WRMC are typically very specific, such as appointment reminders. 

WRMC has reported this scam to the appropriate authorities, and we are working with them to get this resolved as quickly as possible. Individuals who are recipients of these spoofed calls do not need to contact WRMC for follow up.