Watertown Regional Medical Center Benefits from $10.5 Million in Investments

December 15, 2016

A little more than a year into its partnership with LifePoint Health, Watertown Regional Medical Center is feeling the benefits of being part of the leading healthcare system. To date, the hospital has benefited from more than $2.4 million in capital improvements, all of which are directly benefiting patients and advancing the hospital’s mission of making communities healthier. Additionally, another $6 million has been committed for a number of upcoming projects that range in scope from surgical department upgrades to new technology. These capital investments are part of LifePoint’s 10-year commitment to invest upwards of $73 million in WRMC facilities. They include:

LifePoint has committed more than $1.75 million in WRMC’s Surgery Department. Most of the investments are dedicated to upgrades and new technology. These improvements will provide clearer, more precise imaging and brighter lighting for the surgical team. The surgical space is also being reconfigured to include another fully functional operating room. This will allow procedures to be scheduled more quickly, meaning shorter wait times for patients needing surgery.
WRMC’s Heart and Vascular services will receive $1.47 million in upgrades. Some of this is being used to purchase new equipment and technology for the catheterization suite. This new technology offers greater clarity and precision, improves efficiency, and enhances outcomes for patients. A new electronic records system is also being implemented, which will digitize all cardiovascular care and procedure records in one centralized and secure location, saving time and increasing accuracy.
Radiology is benefiting from a $1.1 million investment, which is being used to purchase and install a new CT scan machine. CT, or CAT scans, are special tests that produce cross-sectional images of the body using x-rays and a computer. The new scanner will minimize the amount of radiation patients receive with each test and improve image quality. Because processing time is decreased, test results will be available more quickly. The new machine also has the capability to do additional types of scans, so more patients will be able to receive the tests they need without having to travel outside the area.
Additionally, Doctors Court Clinic is undergoing substantial renovations, which are scheduled to be completed by the end of the 2016. The renovated clinic will accommodate more physicians, giving patients greater choice in finding a clinician who matches their personal needs. Beginning in January, the clinic will also offer extended hours, providing more options for appointment times and greater convenience for patients.

In addition, LifePoint has committed to investing in a number of other projects that will enhance the organization’s buildings and grounds, including new roofing; elevator and HVAC upgrades; and installation of automatic doors at the Hwy 26 Clinic to accommodate patients in wheelchairs. In addition, numerous other pieces of medical equipment have been purchased, and significant investments in WRMC information technology initiatives will be made in the years to come.

“We are so grateful to LifePoint and the continued support that they have provided us – from operational and clinical support to these important capital improvement projects,” said Richard Keddington, chief executive officer of WRMC. “Through these investments, LifePoint is helping WRMC build a healthier Watertown community, a healthier organization and a healthier regional economy.”