Orthopedic Inpatient Unit Opens

March 22, 2018

Watertown Regional Medical Center held a ribbon cutting ceremony this week to officially open the Inpatient Center for Bone & Joint Health.  The inpatient center serves patients who have knee or hip replacements, shoulder replacement surgery, spine surgery, foot and ankle surgery or those who have been injured and require surgery for a recent fall or accident.

The private rooms have been updated and the rehab gym has been expanded to allow the highly trained staff and experienced therapists additional space to provide increased mobility and activities for patients.

Though the multiple bed, specialty unit received extensive updates, it goes far beyond the physical space of the unit.  The focus is on the patient experience and getting them back to their activities as quick as possible and pain free.

The unit is staffed with specially trained and certified nurses that focus care specifically for orthopedic patients.  An enhanced Nurse Navigator Program will help guide patients through the entire care process, being present and available to them before, during, and after their surgery.

An updated educational program mandatory for all joint replacement patients will provide patients with the knowledge of what to expect throughout their care process, and what can be done together as a care team to get them quickly back to their active lifestyles.

Patients will be encouraged to follow a pre-surgical nutritional plan helping to prepare them for surgery and after surgery they will be provided meals in conjunction with registered dietitians that promote healing.  Harvest Market will be provide with meals to-go upon discharge, so they can be worry free in their first night at home.

To learn more about Watertown Regional Medical Center and Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, visit watertownregional.com.