Healthcare Heroes | Emily Drew

January 20, 2021

What is your official Title?

Emily Drew, Clinic Lab Rad Technician
Waterloo Clinic

Clinic Lab Rad Technician – Waterloo Clinic

How long have you been at Watertown Regional Medical Center? Have you always been in the same position?
I’ve worked for Watertown Regional Medical Center for 16 years. The first 10 years I worked at the hospital in the pharmacy. Since then I’ve been at the Waterloo clinic.

What do you enjoy most about working at Watertown Regional Medical Center?
I enjoy coming to work every day because of my co-workers and the patients I get to see. I also really enjoy the Waterloo community.

What was your inspiration for getting into healthcare?
I like helping people and have always wanted to get into a profession that would allow me to do that. In my current position, I am able to help patients learn about their ailments so they can get better quicker. It's exciting to be part of that process.

What would you say to somebody wanting to get into your profession?
You have to remain flexible and have an open-mind. When I started working at the Waterloo clinic I did x-rays (which I went to school for) but now I do a number of things, including taking blood, front desk work and ordering supplies. The more versatile you are, the more opportunities you’ll have.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?
Everything I do is with my kids. They are involved locally in our church and youth sporting events. I spend a lot of time outdoors and enjoy going to their sporting events.

What is your favorite place in the Waterloo area?
Bridge Nutrition in Waterloo. They do protein shakes and teas that are both nutritious and tasty.

What is one thing you’re doing to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
It’s important that I take care of myself so I can be here for my patients. I am staying home more often and making sure to remind my patients to wear a mask and carry hand sanitizer with them wherever they go.