Got kids? Great! It's time to get moving.

February 17, 2017

Got kids? Then you have a whole list of reasons to get up and get moving!

  1. Physical activity is a great way to boost your heart health.
  2. Engaging in regular physical activity will keep you younger and better able to keep up with your children.
  3. You’ll lead your child to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Children learn by example. If you make exercise part of your routine, chances are they will, too.
  4. Whether it’s taking a walk or tossing a ball, you’ll find new opportunities to bond with your child.
  5. Finally, it’s fun!

The good news is, creating a more active family lifestyle can be done anytime, anywhere. Family walks after dinner, weekend excursions like hiking or skiing, a trip to the local indoor pool (we’ll save the outdoor swims for summer!), a game of pickup basketball – these are all inexpensive and easy ways to get you and your kids up and moving. Or, if you need a goal to stay motivated, find a local 5K and fun run that you and your child can train for and complete together.

The bottom line is, get up and get moving. Your heart, and your kids, will thank you!

Interesting fact: A 150-pound person will burn 68 calories while sitting quietly and watching TV for one hour. Throw in some push-ups, sit-ups and jumping jacks for just 10 minutes, and you’ll easily double that number.