2019 Facts & Figures

Added 35 employed and affiliated providers - Inviting the best possible providers into our community and supporting them is essential to ensuring access to high quality care. This year, we added providers in surgery, emergency medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology, nephrology, radiology, pathology, hospital medicine and telepsych.

Made more than $1.5 million in capital improvements - By continually investing in our facilities, we’re helping to ensure that we continue to meet our communities healthcare needs. This year, we invested in lab renovations, a furnace replacement, a new surgical table, information technology improvements and more.

Distributed a payroll of $51,587,864 to more than 730 employees - We strive to create an environment where talent is recognized, job satisfaction is valued and our employees can effectively use their skills to provide high quality care and service.

Donated more than $6.4 million in services to those in need - Delivering care to all of our neighbors, regardless of their ability to pay, is foundational to our mission and our commitment to our community.

Paid $5,701,213 in taxes - We are proud to be a leader in our region, and our dedication to ensuring fiscal responsibility extends bot to our hospital and our community.

Total economic impact of over $13 million - Including charity and other uncompensated care, community benefit programs and taxes.

Sponsorships and Donations

It was our pleasure to be able to support the following activities and organizations during the past year:

  • American Cancer Society Relay for Life
  • Hustisford - Booster Club
  • Juneau - Chamber of Commerce
  • Lake Mills - EMS and Night Out Against Crime
  • Project Search
  • Rainbow Hospice
  • Rock River Rescue Foundation
  • Waterloo - Booster Club, EMS and YSO
  • Watertown - Cares Clinic, Lights and Sirens, YMCA, Family Center, High School, Park and Rec, Run from the Cops, Run Turkey Run, Riverfest and YSO

2019-2020 Board of Trustees


  • Kim Erdmann (Chairman)
  • Dru Laws (Vice Chairman)


  • Leslie Golden, MD
  • Michael Grajewski, MD
  • Richard Keddington
  • Emily Lessner
  • Sue Rhodes
  • Ron Sokovich, MD
  • Marcy Tessmann
  • Jeff VanBeek, MD
  • Brent Yaeggi, DPM