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Laser Eye Care

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About Laser Eye Care

Whether it's a necessary glaucoma treatment or getting rid of those pesky floaters, our experienced providers can help!

We have innovative technology that takes care of several conditions without having to leave the comfort of the Center for Eye Care.


Laser Services include:

Selective Laser Trabeculectomy (SLT):
Used to lower eye pressure in patients who have glaucoma. It’s recommended for people who can’t use eye drops or who have tried eye drops and they didn’t work.

Peripheral Iridotomy (YAG PI):
Preventative treatment for people who are a risk for a rare form of glaucoma, called narrow angle glaucoma.

Posterior Capsulotomy (YAG PC):
After cataract care that is needed in 20% of all cataract surgery patients to restore vision to the level it was immediately following cataract surgery.

Vitreolysis (Floaters):
Elective treatment to get rid of floaters (bugs) in your vision. This may require more than one treatment. We will check with your insurance to make sure this service is covered.