All Surgical Procedures Now Back Up

June 26, 2017

To the Watertown Community,

On behalf of Watertown Regional Medical Center, I am so happy to share the news that all surgical procedures resumed last week (as you may recall, we temporarily postponed some procedures to address some equipment issues at the hospital), and things couldn’t have gone more smoothly. This is due in large part to the outstanding team that has been working diligently to contact patients and reschedule their procedures. They’ve been working hard making sure every “t” was crossed and “i” dotted so patients would have the best possible experience. I cannot thank this team enough, nor praise them enough, for the hard work and quality, compassionate care they provide on a daily basis.

As I reflect on the events of the last few weeks, there are three distinct observations that make me so proud to be part of WRMC. First, the actions of our employees and medical staff are the epitome of what it means to have a strong culture of safety and engagement. The level of care and attention to detail they demonstrate is admirable, and their commitment to you – the people of Dodge and Jefferson counties – is immeasurable. In fact, our perioperative services team was the first to detect the issue during a routine safety check, and they quickly spoke up and alerted hospital leadership. Because they did, we were able to quickly halt impacted procedures and at no time was any patient put at risk.

We are so grateful for their commitment to quality. But this isn’t unique to the surgical team – our entire hospital team has the same commitment to quality. They are engaged in the work they do. They take pride in the quality of care we provide. They speak up if they see something wrong. And they work hard each and every day to make sure our patients have the best possible experiences and positive outcomes. The reason for this is simple: Quality is a way of life at WRMC. It encompasses everything we do – how we care for patients, how we ensure the health and safety of each of our employees, and how we contribute to the overall health and well-being of our communities.

Secondly, we appreciate your patience and understanding. We know that preparing for a surgery is mentally and physically taxing, and we are genuinely sorry for any inconvenience this has caused any member of our community. I want you to know that your safety will always be our number one priority, and we will never jeopardize that. To all of the individuals who have patiently waited to have their surgery, to all of our community leaders who have continued to support us and help us share updates, and to all of our area physicians who have stood by us through this – we sincerely thank you.

And finally, the support we have felt from LifePoint Health, with which we are now affiliated, is enormous. From sending extra manpower and providing us access to national experts in facility repair and maintenance, to investing in brand new equipment for our hospital, I am certain that we would not be where we are today if it weren’t for them.

This support is something we’ve felt since affiliating with LifePoint almost two years ago. Since that time, LifePoint has invested a tremendous amount of time, energy, financial support and resources into our hospital. In fact, in 2016 alone, LifePoint invested more than $5.3 million in capital projects at our facility. And this year, they once again proved their commitment by making sure that we had the operational expertise and financial support we needed to keep care close to home and ensure the ongoing safety of our patients.  

At WRMC, we are proud to serve as your local healthcare partner, and we are honored that you continue to entrust us with your care. We look forward to continuing our legacy of delivering high-quality, safe and compassionate care for generations to come.